I am surrounded by blessings…the invisible air, sometimes allowing itself to be seen…filled with twirlings of leaves in the fall…nature’s confetti beckoning me to join in the celebration.

Breathing in the scent of autumn, smiling, holding on to my hat…it thinks it’s old enough to go to the party without me.

I spot blessings through windows. hurriedly checking their blessings in. racing to and fro, hellos mixed in with scarves, sweaters, and lunchboxes.

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The ticking clock threatens to consume me.

The ever-present tick reminds me of seconds lost…never gained.

The tock infinitely chasing tick, yet never able to reach him.

No matter if I hold that monotonous hand with my own to stop the incessant clicking, the seconds still slip by.

Silently and invisibly laughing at me with their wild eyes. Tock chasing tick. Tick barely out of tock’s grasp.

I wonder to myself, which of us is the crazy one.

smileyhappysarah, 9/20/15


Parallel lines thrill me and sadden me at the same time.

So exact. So perfect. Never straying from their intended path. So beautiful to look at and measure.

Yet…never intersecting. Doomed to live their existence always just out of reach. Equally so. Never able to meet their trusty, unending companion.

Ever extending towards infinity never being able to grow close in their relationship. Infinitely platonic & distant…perfect, calculable distance.

Cold, yet never truly alone and never truly accompanied. What a beautiful, cruel state of being.

smileyhappysarah, 1/18/16