Nerd dreams…

I always wanted to be a nerd.

In high school, I was always in my own group. Definitely not popular and definitely not a nerd.

I wanted to be the carefree, artistic, passionate, live-for-the-moment, always frazzled-looking hair out of place, two different socks, glasses sliding down my nose constantly kind of girl.

I was nothing like that. My passion always came out like emotional instability. I always looked frazzled because I hated getting up early in the morning and was always in a hurry.

I never had glasses sliding down my nose because I didn’t wear glasses. I was always just.awkward.

I guess that might be considered nerdish. Not the artsy nerd I wanted to be though. Now that I’m grown and have kids, I’m trying to nurture that kind of environment.

An environment where two different socks is awesome and passion and creativity are praised and encouraged.

I might never reach that coveted title of nerd, but it will always be an option for my kids.

smileyhappysarah, 2015


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