I am surrounded by blessings…the invisible air, sometimes allowing itself to be seen…filled with twirlings of leaves in the fall…nature’s confetti beckoning me to join in the celebration.

Breathing in the scent of autumn, smiling, holding on to my hat…it thinks it’s old enough to go to the party without me.

I spot blessings through windows. hurriedly checking their blessings in. racing to and fro, hellos mixed in with scarves, sweaters, and lunchboxes.

I smile at these blessings and how they have filled my life with such joy, such love, I allow the air to carry a praise up to the Almighty.

Their warm smiles beckon me to come…giddily I obey & embrace each of my blessings. They all vary and yet are the same. It’s true that some don’t like cherry pie, some don’t like to be touched, some write poetry same as me, some write novels, some have lots of kids, some have a lesser number of kids. Some live in houses, some live in RVs. Some are taller, some are shorter. some are fun sized.

My blessings are Christian, Catholic, Mormon, undefined. Some are devout, some not as much. Some are devout at not being devout.

Some blessings love their parents, some don’t. some tolerate theirs, all the while ensuring they don’t make their parents mistakes, making sure their families they have created know how precious and loved they are.

Some of these blessings I have been privileged to share secrets with. my past regrets and shame…and yet the return I got was love and acceptance…not disgrace and judgment.

I have cried tears of pain and loss. heartbreak and emptiness alongside some of my blessings one day…

Then the next, cried tears of joy and happiness…thanking God that even though we all will be taken eventually (some, unfortunately a lot sooner than we dreamed) that He is still in the business of performing miracles.

So that for one moment (how many more only the LORD knows) a mother can hold her child (however big they think they are) and breathe in their smell, gaze at their beautiful faces while they sleep & thank God that they are present in that moment.

Yes, blessings come in so many forms…I pray that some day I might fit into someone’s definition of one someday.

smileyhappysarah, fall 2015


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