So much worshiping nowadays. of people, selves, nouns, verbs, adjectives.

Some say even of God. for most that’s gone by the wayside in favor of the latest hashtag cause.

Worshiping of images stared at in mirrors. giving duck-faced lips staring into a toothpaste-spattered, floss-ejected lie.

That which you so religiously worship mocks you. silently mouths your words back to you as you strain to hear what they’re saying.

Too.much.self. you might see a clearer image of what you worship if you were to clean off the hardened remnants of your highly-processed dinner you had last night.

Instead…you dig at it with an uneven, jagged thumbnail & end up smearing left-over preservatives across the mirror in a mucked-up line. it’ll be fine.

Now…for my next selfie.

smileyhappysarah, 1-2-16


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