Friendly Departure

Standing next to  you I feel a mixture of sadness and contentment.

Sadness that our path has led us to a fork in the road and now we must part ways,

Sadness that our journeys shall continue separately…

Sadness, because what once was is not anymore, and what will be is unknown.

Will I ever see you again in this life or the next? I pray it so…for both, especially the latter.

I feel content with the adventures we’ve had and moments we’ve shared.

Content that His will for my life is now leading me down a separate path, a narrow path that was destined for me from before time began.

I am content with the joy set before me and where it will lead me…

Farewell, sweet friend.


3 thoughts on “Friendly Departure

  1. Hi sunshine Sarah! How was your move & how is AZ? I read many of your poems… You definitely have a deep- thought style, where your words paint pictures, feelings! Pedestal was very touching and Friendly Departure reminded me of you guys moving away! What is GMO about? Hope you all are well!! Stay in touch-


  2. Hi Kerri!! Thanks so much for reading them, that means so much to me! I’m glad you enjoy them!! We are all well and pretty much settled here, thanks for asking! gmo is about how God speaks to us through His creation and we only need to listen…and yet so many are too self absorbed to hear Him. They have no excuse as you know in the book of Romans 1:20-21. Thanks again and let’s try and keep in touch through Facebook ok?


    1. Hi again! Yes, Il’ll try to keep up via facebook, as soon as we get it figured out- ha ha! Blessings,Ker


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