Ramblings on space (not outer)

I sit in the stillness of my own space.

Encompassed by thoughts and air.

I wish I could say the interruptions of thoughts and motion were rare,

but both the wind and latest Lego creation compete for attention.

Space is such a precious thing. So versatile, it can be shared or hoarded.

You can take the interruptions as inconveniences and furrow your brow with displeasure and annoyance…

Or like water off a duck’s back, accept the so-called interruptions for what they are…

Precious blessings who want to share their space with you.

Spaces filled with love and mutual admiration.

I would love to tell you that with each and every disruption I take the way of the wet duck,

But that wouldn’t be the truth.

Shared space, sharing space, and hoarding space is an experience that I’m still exploring and learning as I go.

I shall try more “quack” and less wrinkled brow.

smileyhappysarah, 3-24-16


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