Sunday Afternoon

Rocking gently in my boat on air.

Swaying in rhythm to the chimes,

The tune it plays brings me to the brink of sleep.

Distant traffic is drowned out by dog whimpers and nails on concrete Continue reading “Sunday Afternoon”

To-Do List

The quiet fills my brain.

Pushing in on all sides, it laughs at me.

Laughs at all the things I have to do, but as of now are still undone.

The silence is loud and screams at me…

to do and do, no time for you.

Guilt chimes in as I contemplate

my day’s, week’s, month’s to-do list.

As the quiet threatens me,

shakes its fist at me,

I hear Your voice…almost as low as the quiet.

The quiet noise retreats at His rebuke and I.choose.Him.

I rest.

smileyhappysarah, 3-17-17