Traveling Barbie

I met a woman today…

as free as free could be.

the only ties were at the ends of her long braids…

bare feet treading gently over spotty grass

she told her name but I suspect it means wanderlust

in every language.

perfect white teeth…

smiling just as brightly whether talking about

Puerto Rico or Indonesia.

pure, unadulterated, free spirit, gypsy, non roots, explorer, planes, trains, automobiles, boats…suit her best.

easygoing, unattached, 3-shirt packing, grab the kids we’re out, the world awaits.

my mind was blown apart, unable to wrap comprehension around what was being said,

I stood in silent awe of this woman and her life.

maybe someday….in a distant, faraway land…

she’ll remember the dumbfounded woman at the park

with the head wide open.

smileyhappysarah, 10-19-17

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