Until Next Time…

to Rose…


You leave today.

Dragging memories and colors behind you.

Glitter on water

and sun-kissed skin sits before you. Continue reading “Until Next Time…”



I see you. I know you. I hear you. I was you. Blinded by the way I was. Going through life feeling the way I did, doing the things I did. Thinking I was a good person, I was going somewhere. People liked me and if they didn’t I tried so hard to know why. And try. Try to fit in to whatever it was that would ensure they would like me. It didn’t matter what it was. I was always striving. Continue reading “Testimony”

To-Do List

The quiet fills my brain.

Pushing in on all sides, it laughs at me.

Laughs at all the things I have to do, but as of now are still undone.

The silence is loud and screams at me…

to do and do, no time for you.

Guilt chimes in as I contemplate

my day’s, week’s, month’s to-do list.

As the quiet threatens me,

shakes its fist at me,

I hear Your voice…almost as low as the quiet.


The quiet noise retreats at His rebuke and I.choose.Him.

I rest.

smileyhappysarah, 3-17-17