I noticed you, I see and saw you…

in reality even if it was just through glass.

Not tangible, but visual to me. Silently speaking to me.

Notice me,

No name. No past recollections. No future prophecies about what’s to come…what will be. Continue reading “Real”

Part of My World

You were part of my world if only for a moment.

No one noticed your smile but me…at least not that I could tell.

Lights blinking in repetitive movements threatening to end our encounter.

Turn left, left, left, on and on.

Does the other half of you smile as this side does?

The time comes and I watch you silently glide past.

Going somewhere, everywhere…but here…all at once.

I wasn’t part of your moving, fleeting world…even though you were part of mine for a moment.

smileyhappysarah, 6-5-14


I am surrounded by blessings…the invisible air, sometimes allowing itself to be seen…filled with twirlings of leaves in the fall…nature’s confetti beckoning me to join in the celebration.

Breathing in the scent of autumn, smiling, holding on to my hat…it thinks it’s old enough to go to the party without me.

I spot blessings through windows. hurriedly checking their blessings in. racing to and fro, hellos mixed in with scarves, sweaters, and lunchboxes.

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