I found a pedestal the other day

under layers of dust and memories…

I remember when you stood on it,

balancing yourself ever so gently.

Gazing up at you with eyes full of wonder…admiration…adoration.

I’ll never forget the night things changed,

on the wooden porch in the back yard…

neither of our faces showing any indication of what was to come.

A warm, desert breeze kissed my face and cooled the hot tears

trickling down my cheeks…

With much anguish, fear, and most of all shame, I spoke.

The shattering noise of your heart breaking ripped the silence apart as tears raced down

my face in furious competition to be the first to fall to moisten the wood below.

The realization of innocence lost, a childhood left behind was too much to bear.

You willingly stepped off your pedestal that night…

and I stepped into the brokenness your heart left behind.


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